La India - Antilliaanse Feesten - Salsa Antwerpen


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La India, De Roma Borgerhout, Antilliaanse Feesten - Free Tickets.

La India is one of the greatest salsa divaís in the world. She was named 'Princess of Salsa' by none other than Celia Cruz. Linda Viera Caballero (la India) is born in Puerto Rico but soon moves to New York with her family. The South Bronx becomes her new home. With her dark skin and her straight hair, she reminds her grandmother of her ancestors, the Taino Indians. She owes her stage name 'La India' to that resemblance. She has all what it takes for a musical career: a powerful voice with a large range, en enormous amount of musicality, an attractive appearance and great perseverance. When, at the age of 14, she meets musical producer 'Little Louie' Vega, the ball gets rolling.

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Doors : 20u30.

Address : De Roma - Turnhoutsebaan 286, 2140 Borgerhout.

Organisation : De Roma & Antilliaanse Feesten.

La India - De Roma - Salsa Antwerpen