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Dancing Salsa in Belgium and are known for many years for giving reliable information about Salsa parties (Selection) in Belgium with his Salsa agenda and newsletter.

With the new salsa agenda, who counts sometimes more than 900 unique visitors per day, we are a faithful guide for salsa parties in Flanders and Belgium. Also because of the cooperation with Ronan (Salsa Loca) who takes a part of the job for his account. Not only our website is well known but also our weekly salsa newsletter reaches a few thousand salseros.

May we ask the organisers to send in their salsa parties on time. They can enter the parties via this page. The entry will be checked as soon as possible and placed online right away. An e-mail is send for control as soon as the salsa party is placed. We ask the organisers to let us know as soon as possible if their are any adjustments or cancellations.

As a visitor of salsa parties you also can help us by reporting info or incorrect data and this by sending us an e-mail. It is in everybody's interest that our salsa agenda is correct. can not be held liable for the use of the agenda.

For some places in Belgium with whom we cooperate already several years, we have made a unique page including They will be extended in the future. Organisations can contact us to be stated here.

History of Salsa in Belgium

Salsa in East Flanders :

Noche Tropical - (Aalst)

Salsa Scala Picante - (Beveren)

Salsa in West Flanders :

Dursin - (Kortrijk)

Salsa Fever Parties - (Brugge)

Salsa in Flemish Brabant :

LeuvenSalsa - (Leuven)

Cafe Manger - (Leuven)

Salsa in Antwerpen :

Cafe Local - (Antwerpen)

Fiesta De La Rosa - (Antwerpen)

Salsa in Antwerp :

Axxes Salsa Cafe - (Antwerp)

Salsa Bocadero - (Antwerp)

Salsa Picante - (Merksem)

Latino MŠgico - (Antwerp)

Mega Salsa Night - (Brasschaat)

Salsa Titanico - (Putte)

Enciende - (Schilde)

Salsa Carrť - (Willebroek)

Salsa in Limburg :

Salsa Gold - (Hasselt)

Ritmo Latino - (Genk)

Salsa Open Air Party - (Lommel)

Hasselt Salsa Gala - (Hasselt)