Benelux Dance competition, finals 2003 Merengue & Bachata

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Benelux Dance competition, finals Brugal2003 Merengue & Bachata: Daisy and Luc of Sabor Tropical team 5th place.

The final of the 'Benelux Dance Competition Brugal 2003 Merengue & Bachata' took place on 21 November 2003.

Prior to this there were 6 pre-selections: 3 in the Netherlands, 1 in Luxemburg and 2 in Belgium. At each pre-selection 4 couples were selected for the final to be held at 'The Lord' at Schepdaal in Belgium. On the day of the final 18 couples out of the 24 selected showed up at Schepdaal (of which only 2 were non-latino couples). The 18 couples danced in two groups of 9 couples each. Out of these two groups, 10 couples qualified through to the next round.

Our region was represented by the 2 non-latino couples and it was the couple of Sabor Tropical Team (no. 13) who were one of the 10 lucky couples. After that they had two minutes for each dance in order to show of their dancing skills.

When the jury announced the first number of the last 6 couples for the ultimate final we were surprised to hear that no. 13 was one of the couples and of course our supporters couldn't suppress a call of joy. The end result was that the couple of Sabor Tropical 'Daisy and Luc' finished 5th which was a very good result for non-latinos. Further on this page you will find the pictures.


Le Team Sabor Tropical souhaite remerciere tous les supporters pour leur support ŗ l'occasion de cette soirťe et les semaines prťcťdentes.

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